Study Guide
prepared by David W. Chadwell and Tom Benincosa

Lessons by Tom Benincosa

Lesson 1 A New Year's Resolution

Lesson 2 I Am Resolved To Be Kind

Lesson 3 I Am Resolved To Make A Difference!

Lessons by David Chadwell

Lesson 4 Empathy In Action

Lesson 5 Serving Others

Lesson 6 Considering The Price

Lesson 7 Concern For Others

Lesson 8 Exaggerating Worth

Lesson 9 My View Of Me

Lesson 10 Spiritual Goals

Lesson 11 The Internal War

Lesson 12 Belonging

Lesson 13 Aspirations

Copyright © 2003
David Chadwell, Tom Benincosa, & West-Ark Church of Christ

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