Lesson 8

Lesson Eight

Exaggerating Worth

Text: Luke 18:9-14

Before attending class, read the text and think about/answer the questions.

  1. To whom did Jesus address this parable?

  2. What would we call the kind of righteousness that came from a person who trusted self? Why would we consider them self-righteous?

  3. To whom did the Pharisee pray? (Because he was in a temple courtyard, it is unlikely that he thought he was praying to himself and not God.)

  4. What did he say in his prayer? With what was he obviously impressed?

  5. For what was he thankful? Discuss why he might have been thankful for such.

  6. Discuss the attitude and body language of the publican (tax gatherer).

  7. What was his only request? What did he know (understand) he was?

  8. Who went away from the temple justified? What does that mean?

  9. Why did this person leave justified?

  10. Personal thought/reflection question: specifically what can I do to grow in humility before God this year?

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