Lesson 4

Lesson Four

Empathy In Action

Text: Luke 10:25-37

Before attending class, read the lesson text and think about/answer the questions.

  1. Tell the story Jesus used in his parable.

  2. Discuss the attitudes Jews and Samaritans held toward each other.

  3. Did the Samaritan have an obvious reason for treating the injured Jew so kindly?
    Explain your answer.

  4. Why did Jesus tell this parable? (see verse 29)

  5. What is the primary lesson of the parable?

  6. What is Christian empathy?

  7. Why does Christian empathy extend kindness to all kinds of people?

  8. How can today's Christian increase his or her kindness?

  9. How can a Christian use prayer to grow in being kind?

  10. Personal thought/reflection question: what can I do to be a kinder person this year?

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