Lesson 9

Lesson Nine

My View Of Me

Text: Luke 17:1-10

Before attending the class, read the text and think about/answer the questions.

  1. What is inevitable? Why? What is Jesus emphasis?

  2. What consequence would be better than being the source of stumbling? Discuss this in the context of the first century Jewish world.

  3. What responsibility does Jesus' disciple have toward repentance?

  4. How did the apostles react to Jesus' statement? Discuss why they reacted in this manner.

  5. What was very small faith capable of doing?

  6. In the context of the first century and the context of the parable, how would an owner not treat a hard-working slave?

  7. How would an owner treat a hard-working slave?

  8. Would an owner thank a slave for doing what a slave should do?

  9. What attitude should a person who is Jesus' disciple have?

  10. Personal thought/reflection question: how can I increase my awareness this year that surrendering myself to demanding service to God is only doing what I should do?

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