From Prodigal To Priest
by David Chadwell
published by 21st Century Christian, Nashville, TN
Copyright © 1983

This book is a study on spiritual development. It focuses on building proper attitudes toward self to attain one's spiritual potential.

The full text of this book is available here.

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David Chadwell


  1.   Convinced or Converted?        (Also available as ¿Convencido o Convertido? in Spanish.)

  2.   Attitudes Toward Self (Part One)

  3.   Attitudes Toward Self (Part Two)

  4.   How Do You Solve Troubles?

  5.   Christian Self-Evaluation

  6.   Christian Conduct: The Third Question

  7.   A World Without Conscience

  8.   When the Cock Crows!

  9.   What Great Things Can I Do For God?

10.   Life's Two Bank Accounts

11.   God's Power to Utilize People

12.   Beautiful In the Eyes of God

13.   Fire In My Bones

Chapter One in English
Capitulo Uno in Spanish

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