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The text through the first chapter in five of David Chadwell's books has been transcribed and placed on his website to allow you the opportunity to read a sample of each book. The full text of From Prodigal To Priest is available online at this website. Some books may be available at your local Christian bookstore.  Chadwell's book, Jesus' Two Great Commissions, is available FREE through this Web site. His book, Searching For Eden: The Lie, is available from Quality Publications, P.O. Box 7385, 2719 Race Street, Fort Worth, TX 76111, or call (800) 359-7708.


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Published online in 2012.  David wrote The Unexpected Journey over a period of five years in response to a request from family members.  In 2005 he was diagnosed with spinal cerebellum atrophy #8.  This relatively rare disease impairs balance, coordination, etc. by shrinking the brain stem.  The brain’s instructions to the muscles are inhibited.  This book talks about adjustments made, insights developed, and suggestions made to those enduring a physical journey they did not expect.


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Becoming God's Spiritual Person, published online by David Chadwell, 2010.  This book challenges the reader to realize there is a difference between being religious and being spiritual.  It affirms the continuing involvement of the activity of the divine in our salvation.  It challenges all in Christ to seek spirituality.  It challenges the reader to think.  It does not challenge readers to conform to specific values or concepts.


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If You Are Going To Be A Shepherd, Walk In The Pasture, published online by David Chadwell, 2008.  This book is written to provide practical insights to those who would be leaders in congregations, and to provide understanding to those who would follow those leaders. It is written to emphasize the need for "people-centered" leadership in a congregation that maintains an environment of encouragement as Christians follow Jesus Christ.


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Unity and Uniformity in the Early Church, published online by David Chadwell, 2005. Dedicated to all who seek God’s definitions of God’s concepts. A tremendous gap existed between Jewish and Gentile Christians in the early church. They were one in Christ, but they were not uniform in their expressions of faith. Much of the response of Peter and Paul to this struggle still applies in today's church.


Searching For Eden: The Lie, published by Quality Publications (1-800-359-7708), Fort Worth, TX, 2000. Humanity was tragically seduced through Satan's Great Lie in the Garden. Jesus Christ is God's perfect solution to provide perfect forgiveness through perfect atonement.

Exalting Christ, published by World Literature Publications, New Delhi, India, 1992. This book focuses on Jesus Christ. The study includes lessons on Jesus as our Passover, baptism as the sign of our covenant with God, Jesus as our mediator, and the relationship between loving God and loving people.

The first nine chapters of this book are available online.
Jesus' Two Great Commissions:  Balancing Evangelism and Edification, published by Christian Education Video, Inc., 1991. The first half of the book is a careful reexamination of evangelism from the birth of Christianity to the close of the first century. The second half of the book carefully examines the extensive instruction given to first-century churches to edify the saved. It emphasizes Jesus' two great commissions:  evangelize and edify. It challenges Christians to restore the New Testament's balance between evangelism and edification.

Congregational Unity:  Oneness in Christ, published by Christian Education Video, Inc., 1990. The lessons are presented to challenge the reader to take a fresh look at the teachings of the New Testament on unity and apply them to congregational unity.


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Having the Faith of Abraham, published by 21st Century Christian, Nashville, TN, 1986.  The purpose of this book is to deepen the understanding of God's perfect solution to a Christian's sins and mistakes in the faith of righteousness. That understanding will result in a proper confidence in one's salvation, a daily life which is lived free from the burden of guilt, and a continuing sense of purity before God. The end result will be a joyful life in Christ.

Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees, published by Quality Publications, Fort Worth, TX, 1985. This study takes an in-depth look at Pharisaism -- a problem as old as the New Testament church. All Christians will benefit from learning who the Pharisees were, the traditions of the fathers and how this has influenced the church through the years. Other chapters deal with contrasting the old and modern Pharisaism and human reasoning versus revelation. This book makes an excellent personal study guide and can be used in the classroom as well.

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From Prodigal To Priest, published by 21st Century Christian, Nashville, TN, 1983. This book is a study on spiritual development. It focuses on building proper attitudes toward self to attain one's spiritual potential. 

Christian Perspectives on Dating and Marriage, published by Quality Publications, Fort Worth, TX, 1980. Twenty-six chapters studying the biblical and psychological aspects of dating and marriage. Perfect for older teenagers and adults. Prepares the Christian to have a successful dating period and marriage.

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