Christians and Hardships
Study Guide
prepared by David W. Chadwell

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Important Note To Students And Teachers

Lesson 1 Evil Produces Consequences

Lesson 2 Good Produces Consequences

Lesson 3 God's Promises

Lesson 4 Using Faith As An Amulet

Lesson 5 Abraham's Wilderness Experience

Lesson 6 Moses' Wilderness Experience

Lesson 7 David's Wilderness Experience

Lesson 8 Elijah's Wilderness Experience

Lesson 9 Jesus' Wilderness Experience

Lesson 10 Jesus' "Bread to Stones" Temptation

Lesson 11 Jesus' "Jump" Temptation

Lesson 12 Jesus' "Fall Down and Worship Me" Temptation

Lesson 13 Things Hardships Never Prove

Copyright 2004, 2005
David Chadwell & West-Ark Church of Christ

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