Remember - And Let Gratitude Flow

Psalm 105

Gratitude based on memory guides and controls.  Forgetfulness produces our greatest curses.   Memory produces enduring blessings.  Blessed is the person/nation that refuses to forget, but keeps memory alive.

The psalmist said Israel must not forget what God did for them!  Grateful thanks would be natural for them if they remembered!  Thankfulness, singing, and seeking the Lord would be natural for Israel if they remembered God’s deeds.

The psalmist recalled what God did for Israel from their beginnings in Abraham. Basically, this psalm was about the Israelites’ beginning as a people/nation.  The happenings occurred generations ago.  Yet, these were Israel’s foundation.  The nation must not forget its foundation!

1.      The God of justice kept His covenant with Abraham.

2.      He kept his covenant with Isaac and Jacob.

3.      He kept His covenant with you—that is why you have Canaan.

4.      God protected your ancestors before they were large enough to be a nation.

5.      When they were too small to protect themselves from other nations, God preserved them.

6.      God protected them through Joseph’s deeds.

7.      When the Israelites became numerically huge, they were enslaved.

8.      God delivered your ancestors from Egypt.

9.      God guided, fed, watered, and never forgot your people’s connection to Abraham.

10.    He even fed your ancestors with crops they did not plant.

All this happened so you could know God’s ways and would follow God’s directions.  Your memories should declare you have every reason to praise God.

Memories are powerful blessings!  Forgetfulness is disaster!  The failure to maintain accurate memories requires the repetition of forgotten sufferings.  Lost memories produce unnecessary tragedies!

April 15, 2016  *  Fort Smith, AR

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