Praise in the Middle of Unnecessary Tragedy, Pt. 1

Psalm 106:1-23

Only believing people praise God while in the agony of adversity.  The human tendency: To blame God for present situations and our ancestorsí mistakes.  Amazingly, people tend to be blind to their history of mistakes.  The tendency is to blame God for human shortsightedness.

The psalmist praised God for His overwhelming goodness!  He wanted the Lord to remember him when God prospered those who found their joy in Him.  The psalmist wanted to share in the joy and praise of people who were Godís heritage.

The memories turned to Israelís human failures.  The ďthen presentĒ Israelites shared in their ancestorsí spiritual failures.

Their ancestors were unimpressed with Godís acts in Egypt, with His acts of kindnesses in deliverance, or His provision for their crises.   Instead, they rebelled!  For the honor of His name He saved the delivered Israelites.  He led them across a dried sea path, redeemed them from enemies, and destroyed the pursuers.  Not one pursuer survived the ordeal!  The Israelites were profoundly gratefulófor a moment.

Quickly, they were headstrong, ran wild, and tested Godís patience.  The result: God allowed them to have their requests, with the full consequences.  Their jealousy and envy of Godís leaders consumed some Israelites.  The earth swallowed the leaders, and fire consumed the followers.

The Israelites made a gold calf to lead them as they waited at Sinai.  Israelites traded the glorious God for a grass-eating bull!  They forgot their recent past and insulted God.  Had it not been for Mosesí intervention, divine anger would have destroyed them.

How quickly we forget Godís patience!

April 16, 2016  *  Fort Smith, AR

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