Psalm 104:24-35, Part B

That which unforgettably astounds us commonly controls our focus.  When we are amazed by the world around us, we seek for greater insight and understanding.  As our answers produce greater questions, as overwhelming consistency leads to previously unimaginable realities, we stand mute before an incredible intelligence that defies our comprehension.

When a human realizes that God was the origin of the earth, that human is filled with awe.  The psalmist was filled with awe!  As he looked at the skies above the earth, the earth, animals on the earth, and Godís night and day physical provisions for His creation, he was astounded by Godís variety.  The interdependence over-whelmed him!

The vastness of the seas did not make the seas immune to this dependence.  The ocean might be huge enough to support ships and incredibly large sea life, but the sea still needed God.  As long as God provided, the ocean was full of life and satisfaction.  If there was no provision, panic and death became reality.  When the elements of life were again present, there was renewal.

The level of the psalmistís comprehension was astounding!  Yet, to the psalmist, it was the Lord who was astounding.  The Lord was the highly respected Maker!  He took pleasure in His creation!

The Lord was everything to the psalmist!  The Lord was deserving of a lifetime of praise!  Only the Lord made him rejoice.  May sinners vanish and the wicked disappear.  May his praise come from his whole being,  May everyone praise the Lord!

When we acknowledge the Lordís works, we are humbled!

March 19, 2016  *  Fort Smith, AR

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