Psalm 104:1-23, Part A

The more people are impressed with themselves and their achievements, the less impressed they are with God.  Conversely, the more they are impressed with Godís works, the less they are impressed with themselves.  The more impressed people are with human achievements, often the less important Godís achievements become.  Those who are fascinated with Godís achievements do not ignore human deeds, but are not blinded by humanitiesí accomplishments.

The psalmist was awed by the Creator God.  Though he was surrounded by human achievements, he was awed by Godís creation.  Godís creative deeds astounded him!  Remember, what the psalmist saw existed about 3000 years ago.  Though he was surrounded by human activity, he was impressed by earlier divine activity.  Impressed with his own insignificance, he clearly saw Godís significance.

The creation bore testimony to Godís majesty!  The stars were His curtain, the life-giving rain was his rafters, the clouds were His chariot, the winds were His messengers, and flames were His servants.  He stabilized the world, turned chaos into mountains and valleys, and established boundaries for water.  He made the gushing spring that rushed into ravines and watered the wild animals.  He provided for people, birds, and animals.  Godís intent was to provide, not to destroy.

Even light and darkness achieved good, needful purposes.

Often believers say, ďThe first thing I am going to ask God when I see Him is . . .Ē Usually the questions are about why God made something or why God allowed something.  I doubt it.  I suspect the first thing we all say is, ďThank-you for caring about us!Ē

March 18, 2016  *  Fort Smith, AR

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