Complimenting God

Psalm 103

One of life’s demanding challenges: Giving honest compliments.  To honestly compliment without exaggerating or misleading is an enormous challenge.  Why?  Compliments easily mislead us by producing false impressions.

The psalmist (here said to be David) was overwhelmed with God’s worthiness.  His “overwhelming” occurred by a realization.  (As we mature we decidedly are NOT impressed with ourselves.  If we are, others quickly see our foolishness.)  The honest worthiness of God was beyond exaggeration!  The psalmist knew that!

The psalmist knew God’s goodness could not be exaggerated.  God forgave, healed, redeemed, crowned with love and mercy, and renewed life with good things.  He was the source of righteousness and justice to all who endured unfair treatment.  Moses knew His character.  Israel knew His deeds firsthand.  He was compassionate and merciful with an anger that ended.

He did not constantly accuse, constantly remain angry, or constantly punish.  His unfailing love removed sins and showed compassion to the respectful. With full knowledge of human fragility, He loved the respectful and saved covenant keepers.

He was the ultimate good ruler.  Angels should praise Him as they did His will and served His purposes!  Every created thing should praise Him!  All in His kingdom should praise Him!  He was deserving of honor!

That which comes from our heart declares our true attitude.  That which comes from only our lips too easily deceives.  Do you think you can cause God to think you are something you are not?  Or . . . does age cause you to be more and more impressed with God?  In humans nothing changes our inner awareness as does our outward wrinkles.

January 10, 2016  *  Fort Smith, AR

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