Seeking to Reconcile Opposite Realities

Psalm 102

When our life circumstances conflict with our perceptions of God, our struggle is intense.  Our reality reflected by our physical situation and our reality reflected by godly expectations conflict.  We do not wish to abandon either, but reconciling these conflicting realities distresses us.

This psalmist’s physical situation was terrible!  His distress wanted a quick response from God.  His days evaporated, his bones felt like they were on fire, his heart was sick, and his appetite was gone.  He felt out-of-place, sleepless, lonely, and ridiculed.  He had horrible food, felt abandoned by an angry God, and felt his life quickly slipping away.

Israelites loved symbolically significant Jerusalem.  God would see the city’s prominence restored. He had not abandoned His people or His city.

Future generations must know that God did not abandon His people!  The psalmist made no attempt to explain the situation.  He understood that God remained though everything He made wore out and was discarded.  Earthly changes did not affect God’s durability!

Though everything would be discarded when it “wore out,” God did not “wear out.”  There would be a time when God’s human children would securely thrive in God’s presence.

Reconciling the known while grasping the causes of situations is not simple.  At times we encounter experiences that defy our understanding.  The circumstances do not fit our expectations.

We want to transform all “faith relationships” to “fact relationships.”  Many of our godly expectations are based on what we perceive to be “facts” produced by our understandings.  The result: a human confusion produced by human expectations based on human experiences.

What are your godly expectations?

January 9, 2016  *  Fort Smith, AR

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