A Personal Commitment

Psalm 101

This psalm is attributed to David.  This writer assumes it is the king’s personal commitment.  It is not about how other people (in the kingdom) should live.  It is not about other Israelites’ standards.  It is about how the King will live his personal life—it is the King’s personal commitment in his daily existence.

The King had two commitments.  (1)  He would praise God with songs.  (2) He thoughtfully would dedicate himself to blameless living.  (He consciously would commitment to godly standards.)  He deeply was aware that he needed God’s help in adopting godly standards.

The standards were these:

a.      He would exemplify integrity at home.

b.      He would not fanaticize about ungodliness—vile, vulgar thoughts would not be the foundation of his actions.

c.      He would hate and avoid those who deceived through dishonesty.

d.      He would shun deceitful ideas that promoted evil.

e.      He would not tolerate slanders.

f.       He would not tolerate conceit and pride.

g.      He would be determined to allow only faithful people to be his companions.

h.      He would be served only by those above reproach.

i.       Deceitful people would not serve in his house.

j.       Liars would not be in his presence.

k.      His daily commitment would be to discover the wicked AND

l.       To free Jerusalem (the Lord’s city) from evil people’s grip.

While it is an enormous social blessing to have godly leadership committed to righteous standards, it is not the entire solution for eliminating evil from a society.  Surely note the King’s commitment, but also note the evil influencers around him.

Godly followers must encourage godly leaders.

January 20, 2015  *  Fort Smith, AR

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