Confusion Can Surround God's Actions Without Questioning His Identity or Purpose

Psalm 89:19-29, Part B

Seeking to figure God out generates human confusion. God is not some super-human with magical abilities.  The harder we humans seek to make God conform to our experiences, the more unrealistic God seems.  Divine actions “make sense” only when those actions are noted in humans’ “rear view mirrors”.  The unpredictability of God makes God unreal and unbelievable to some.

Note: “long ago” (not then) God revealed his actions to faithful people (not the pagans).  In that revelation, God acknowledged His special connection with David.  David was from common people (not the elite establishment), steadied by God, undefeatable by human enemies, protected by God, and had a unique relationship with God.

David knew his unique relationship with God existed.  He realized the benefits of his special relationship with God.  His access to a loving covenant, a preserved heir, and a endless throne were realities David valued (not even his godless acts with Bathsheba and Uriah destroyed his relationship with God).

[This man of great faith was also a man of great (and unique) repentance.]

Unfortunately, David’s great faith in God (a faith that could repent of personal evil rather than excuse personal evil) did not continue in his descendants.  Soon this man who was devoted to God was followed by descendants who ignored God.  His faith in God did not endure even one complete generation.

At that time all this was understood and accepted by the psalmist.  To the psalmist, David’s unique relationship with God was a beneficial reality that did not attack his godly faith.

What attacks your faith?

May 14, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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