Confusion Can Surround God's Actions Without Questioning His Identity or Purpose

Psalm 89:1-18, Part A

Believers often find Godís actions confusing.  Being certain about Godís identity does not mean we can explain all of Godís actions.  Accepting Godís identity never means we totally understand God.  ďWhysĒ always exist.

The psalmist unquestionably grasped Godís identity.  God was enduring faithfulness and unfailing love!  He honored His promises!   His oath was absolutely trustworthy!  If God said it, it was dependable!

When God promised David that Israelís throne belonged to Davidís descendants, God meant it!  This was not a meaningless promise!  God would honor His commitment!

All heaven praised the significance of God!  Nothing in heaven could compare to God.  His obvious superiority to all heavenly beings caused all those heavenly beings to hold God in awe!  No faithfulness was (is) similar to Godís faithfulness!

God ruled the ocean and its violent waves, crushed the great sea monster, and scattered enemies.  He created the heavens, the earth, and the north and south.  His throne sat on righteousness and justice.  Unfailing love and truth attended Him.

The worship call filled worshippers with joy.  Why?  They walked in the Lordís light, rejoiced in His reputation, exulted in His righteousness, and found their strength in Him.

Their protection came from the Lord.  The Holy One of Israel gave them their king.

The praise of Israelís faithful came from a distinct awareness of Godís significance.  Their questions would not challenge Godís significance.  There were things they did not understand, but Godís significance was not one of those things.

Do you question Godís significance?  Does ignorance of Godís ways question His existence?

April 22, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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