Confusion Can Surround God's Actions Without Questioning His Identity or Purpose

Psalms 89:30-52, Part C

Often God’s acts do not conform to our expectations.  We often are certain that God will take our route to His objective.  We sometimes are certain, “Not even God can reach that destination by that route!  My route is obviously better!”  We conclude, “God, You should do this my way—it makes more sense!”  Or we question: “God, what are You doing?”

This psalmist did not doubt who God was.  He did not doubt God’s work in David.  He did not doubt God’s promises to David or His warnings to David’s descendants.  It was then that the situation became confusing.

God said that if David’s descendants failed to follow His ways, those descendants would endure dire consequences (so far so good with the psalmist).  Yet, regardless of how awful the situation became, He (God) would keep His promise to David (still so far so good with the psalmist). 

As far as the psalmist could discern, the evil of David’s descendents exceeded expectations.  The result: consequences exceeded the psalmist’s expectations.

Remember, it was almost a thousand years before Jesus became the Christ.  Can you remember what happened a thousand years ago?

To the psalmist, events declared God rejected His promises to David.  To the psalmist, that was unthinkable.  God failed to keep an unconditional promise?  The psalmist did not understand!  What was happening did not make sense!

The psalmist asked God, “How long will this situation continue? What about Your promises to David?”

“My situation has become unbearable!  Help me!”

Do you have God figured out?  Are you sure?

May 14, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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