"Help Us, God! Please Rescue Israel!"

Psalm 83

Often we do not see what is happening because we are too focused on the physical.  We are so consumed with our earthly focus that we are comfortable living close to ungodliness.  We contentedly live with many evil conditions in that continuing comfort produced by the view, “That is the way the situation is!”  The solution: A reversal that no one knows how to produce.  The result: a cry that becomes, “God, do something!”

The psalmist said, “God, do something!  Speak up!  Do You fail to see what Your arrogant enemies are doing?  Do You not see our suffering?  Our enemies are committed to our total destruction.  They seriously have pledged to destroy us!

“We know what You are able to do!  Destroy them!  Make them die! Scatter them like tumbleweed or chaff!  Burn them like a mountain on fire!  Be an uncontrollable storm!

“Subdue them with terror and disgrace.  In an unforgettably manner show them who You are.  Show them Your supremacy over the entire earth!  (You are not a local god but the One Who rules earth!)”

Obviously this was not the mercy era existing after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, nor an era with a defined afterlife concept.  Punishment happened before death occurred.  Disgrace in life and horrible deaths were considered punishments for wicked behaviors.

Basically, biblical Christian concepts do not care about what happens to the physical body in physical life or death, but (instead) what happens to the spiritual body after physical death.

Does hate fuel your spiritual commitment?  Are you committed to the salvation or the suffering of your enemies?

November 13, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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