What Is Happening? That Is Not the Way I Would Do It

Psalm 82

Among the most perturbing things that occur are acts of God that confuse righteous humans.  Divine and human views often radically differ!  Repeatedly God’s view involved many human generations.  Human views, at best, involve a few years. 

It is almost comical to see how often informed people need to alter a human perspective.  Less than a generation produces radically altered human perspectives resulting from new information and insights.  Repeatedly it is obvious that God neither thinks nor acts as do humans.

This psalm opened with God in His heavenly court handing down decisions centered on heavenly beings.  The psalmist declared, “I would not do it that way!  God, You are messing up!  Your decisions benefit the wrong earthly people!  The earthly righteous have no chance!  Stop focusing on heaven’s happenings and focus on conditions on earth.

 “Provide justice to the poor, the orphans, the oppressed, and the destitute.  The oppressed should be rescued from the exploitation of evil people!

“Their oppressors wander through life oblivious to the tragedy they encourage.  They think they are divine but act like humans oblivious to death’s reality.

“God, it is past time for You to seize control!  The righteous need You to take charge!  Focus on earth!”

Earth’s oppressed righteous commonly think “the answer” is for God to take charge.  It is!  God will!  However, the human righteous rarely realize how much unrighteousness is in them!  When all human unrighteousness is removed, few righteous realize how much alteration will occur in them.

Focusing on others’ faults tends to blind us to our own.

November 12, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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