Reflective Longing

Psalm 84

One realizes the value of taken-for-granted treasures when that person is separated from the treasures.  The challenge of being reunited with a treasure is NOT TO TAKE THE TREASURE FOR GRANTED. Taking a treasure for granted is simple until we experience a separation.

The psalmist(s) was forced by distance to reflect on the role the temple served in his life.  There was an emptiness that could not be filled.  The emptiness: the spiritual void produced by NOT being a part of this form of devotion to God.  Praising God at His temple was an irreplaceable experience.

Just the thoughts of honoring God in that environment produced a personal, unforgettable yearning.  (Remember, worship at the temple was not a church building experience.)  Though one did not participate in the actual acts of sacrifice, there was a sense of joy, peace, and wholeness found at the temple that was not available elsewhere. This peaceful sense of honoring God was not equaled in any other environment.

That worthwhile pilgrimage was difficult.  The experience was like planting a seed that became a plant with strong roots.  Just to be in Jerusalem with believing Jews produced a sense of awe.  The experience intensified faith in God and closeness to God.

For the psalmist(s), that experience was the supreme experience.  The most humble position in the temple exceeded the height of the “good life” of the wicked.

God is superior to all things worshipped.  He withholds nothing good from believers.  He is the source of joy!

Nothing devastates godly people as does separation from God’s presence.  How does God’s presence bless you?

December 2, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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