Psalm 81

People who value the origin of their blessings celebrate by expressing appreciation.  Note a basic difference between “partying” and “celebrating.”  “Partying” focuses on the physical gratification of the one partying.  “Parties” focus on invited attendees “having a good time.”

“Celebration” has many motives.  The celebrant can reflect on costs, soberly remember prices, appreciate achievements, dwell on blessings produced, reflect on significant achievements, or do all of that while joyfully focusing on the “now life” possible.  “Celebration” focuses on more than experiencing a “good time.”  “Partying” is easier, but “celebrating” is more challenging.

This psalm called the Israelites to celebrate the joys of belonging to God.  Note these two things.  (1)  This celebration was a required act.  (2) It was focused only on “God’s long past deeds.”  It was only fulfilling a requirement in order to fulfill God’s expectation.

God said, “Your sense of duty is meaningless and unnecessary.  Your lack of awareness destroys the heart of your celebration.  You have no awareness of what I did for you.  You have no idea of the potential you took for granted.

“You do not yet realize who I am.  Your praises are empty noise which insults Me!  Your stubborn, self-centered desires reject Me!

“You have no idea of what you missed!  Had you been faithfully devoted to Me you would have no enemies.  I would have blessed you beyond your imagination!  You would have known unending blessings in every generation.  The nature of your blessings would leave no doubt that every benefit came from Me.”

There is a huge difference between “have to” and “want to.”  Which characterizes your commitment?

October 23, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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