Psalm 80

Changes occur so slowly that even many of the astute do not see the consequences coming.  Often changes occur so slowly that the righteous minority wonder why the consequences are so horrible.  As the ungodly dismiss Godís presence, the righteous grow accustomed to conditions.  When it is too late to prevent consequences, the dismayed righteous realize what happened.

This psalm began with the righteous begging for Godís attention.  They confessed the nationís dependence on God.  Without question God was in controlónot people or the king.  Only God could save them from the unnecessary disaster the nation created.

God successfully planted Israel as a grapevine shoot in Canaan after their rescue from Egypt.  That one vine covered everything from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates River.  Their success was incredible!

Then this incredible vineyard became vulnerable and neglected.  Why?  God left.  The result: The nation became weak and defenseless.

The righteous begged God to return and rebuild His vineyard (nation).  They begged Him to rebuild His reputation.  They begged Him to remember He started the vineyard (nation).  They begged Him to see what their enemies were doing and deliver them from devastation.  They begged Him to remember who they were.

If He did, they would be faithful and dependent.  They would not forget.  He and He alone could rescue Israel from its dilemma.

The unnecessary tragedy of remembering too late!  Spiritual prevention of unnecessary tragedy must begin with awareness, not repentance.  Certainly repentance is valid, but repentance usually involves the suffering caused by consequences that could have been avoided.  Some suffering is unpreventable; some suffering is preventable.

October 22, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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