(Psalm 79)

When unthinkable devastation occurs, survivors are dumbfounded.  They often think aloud, “How could this happen to us?  We were not perfect, but we have never been that bad!”  Some blame God.  Some justify themselves.  Some plead with God.  Few examine themselves honestly.

“God, how could such devastation happen here of all places?  People who do not believe You exist have left unburied bodies everywhere!  Your Temple is in ruins and Your city is destroyed.  Our dead feed wild animals, their blood runs like water down Jerusalem’s streets, and they lie unburied as our uncompassionate enemies laugh at our devastation.

“Why are You so mad at us?  Will You never get past Your anger?  Must we just get used to such horror? 

“You are angry at the wrong people!  Our enemies are terrible!  We are not as awful as our ungodly ancestors!  We merit Your compassion!

“Please come quickly to our rescue!  Save us for Your sake!  If You do not, our enemies will laugh at You or doubt Your existence.  You have many reasons for acting—including Your reputation and our grief.

“Lord, pay back those who observed and laughed.  Remember who we are.  If You do, we will thank You ceaselessly and our future generations will praise you.”

Have you noticed two things: (1) Never is it “our” fault?  (2) Those responsible for our troubles are always worse than we are?

Others’ failures never erase our faults!  Our objective is NOT being better than idol-worshipping people.  Our objective is being God’s people.

Others’ failures do not hide our mistakes!  Comparison is useless!

September 17, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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