"God Open Your Eyes and See What Is Happening To Us!"

Psalm 74

Human perspective and divine perspective are different.  Humans compare: “We are not close to being as bad as they are!”  God sees: “You are not nearly what you could and should be!”  We focus on others’ wickedness.  God focuses on our opportunity and potential.

We know Jerusalem’s fall and the destruction of Solomon’s temple was preceded by a long period of wickedness with little righteousness.

Jerusalem’s inhabitants could not believe what occurred!  They knew they had faults, but they were not as wicked as their idolatrous destroyers!  So the surviving captives cried, “God, how could You let this happen?”  It was God’s fault, not the consequences of their evil lifestyles.

It is assumed that the author was one of the few righteous survivor captives.  “God, how could You let this to happen?  Have You forgotten our past?  How could You allow this to happen to Your people and Your earthly home?  The ruins—including Your temple—are awful!  The enemies’ destruction is unbelievable!

“The enemies’ victory is evidenced everywhere.  Everywhere one looks there is unrestrained destruction—even with Your temple!  They destroyed and looted without opposition!

“We see no evidence of Your intervention, and we see no sign of Your presence.  Will this never end? 

“We know what You did in the past, but now Your enemies treat You as if You are nothing.  Please do not allow the enemy to go unpunished!

“Remember Your covenant promises!  Do not allow them to insult You!  Defend Your cause! Overlook no insult!”

We easily remember God’s promises, and readily forget our commitments!

July 19, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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