God's Strides Are Bigger Than Human Sight

Psalm 75

Today human beings are considered to be at the top of everything.  We probe planets we cannot walk.  We analyzed and understood so many of earth’s unknowns that it is only a matter of time and human progress until we think we can/will understand everything.  Humans make “heads spin” with cause and effect evaluations.

Yet we are still determined to dominate each other—examine our concepts of victory.  We humans still measure “our” greatness in “our” ability to dominate. Concepts of human domination typically include winning, subservience, defeat, and humiliation.  “We” are superior if “we” cause “their” humiliation and/or suffering.  Look beyond our human words and observe our human actions.

In an age that focused on human physical domination of other humans, the psalmist marveled at God’s priorities.  God’s priorities included (1) subjecting the wicked to justice and destroying their ability to defy God, and (2) ending the boaster’s pride.

No one should defiantly shake his fist at God!  God will not tolerate human defiance!  Human arrogance insulted God!  God alone—only God—judged.  In what the wicked thought was the perfect escape into ecstasy was instead God’s judgment.  Once that “wine” was tasted, it had to be “drunk” to its bitter end!

The psalmist contrasted himself with the wicked.  He viewed God as a source of blessing, not a powerless opponent.  He praised God rather than fearing God’s wrath.  The wicked were (are) objects of God’s wrath, but God blessed (blesses) the godly.

Perspective’s importance cannot be exaggerated!  Immediate appearances are not only deceiving, but they can destroy.  Does your view destroy you?

July 20, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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