A Tribute to a Godly King

Psalm 72

With a psalm attributed to Solomon, section two closes.  This psalm serves as the “bookend” to section two.

"May the King love God’s justice and give God’s sense of righteousness to his son.  May the son judge rightly!  May he be fair with the poor as he rules in prosperity.  May the poor and needy depend on the King for protection from oppressors.  May the struggling always respect the King.

"May the King’s reign strengthen his subjects.  May there be prosperity throughout his kingdom.  May he dominate the region and rule with respect and admiration.

"May he rescue the poor, help the oppressed, feel pity for the weak and needy, and redeem everyone from oppression and violence.

"May the King be honored, prayed for, and blessed.  May his kingdom experience prosperity.  May admiration for him exist continually.

"May the God of Israel be praised forever for His wondrous acts!  May the entire earth be filled with His glory!"

Israel’s King was seen as the people’s servant.  True, he was respected and honored.  However, these attitudes were to arise from his service, not his position.  He served those usually exploited.

The King’s focus was on justice, not on exploitation.  Leadership was not about the advantages the wealthy offered, but about seeing that the disadvantaged received fair treatment.  Surely the King received wealth’s opportunity, but he also received the responsibility of being fair to the powerless that had no protection.  As did (does) God, God’s King cared about the defenseless.  The king’s power was in his service, not his position.

Sound familiar?  Christian power lies in service!

June 26, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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