My Changing Situation and My Faith in God

Psalm 71:12-24

It is increasingly difficult to deal with God’s unchangeable nature as our physical lives change.  How can God value us the same as we deal with the transitions of aging?  While we say that God values us for who we are, we tend to verify our value on the basis of what we do.  As our ability “to do” vanishes with age, to us our value decreases.  Because we value ourselves less, we assume that God values us less.

“Reassure me quickly.  At the same time destroy my enemies.  Strengthen my hope for Your help.

“Though I struggle with my reality, I increasingly praise You.  I tell everyone about Your righteousness, saving power, mighty deeds, and justice.  God, You always have been there for me—childhood, adult life, and old age.  My memories are wonderful memories of Your power and mighty miracles.  I proclaim them to this new generation.

“Though You allowed me to suffer hardship, You restored and lifted me.  Do it again now!  Comfort me with honor!

“I will praise You with musical instruments, shout with joy, and sing Your praises for Your ransom and righteousness.  You delivered me from all who tried to hurt me and, at the same time, You shamed them!”

Count your blessings!  Your struggles with old age are NOT this psalmist’s struggles.  You through revelation and Jesus Christ know that what happens in physical life is not the end.  It is just the “warm up” for the unending “game”—eternal life.

In our knowledge of what is to come is our purpose and blessing!

June 25, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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