Psalm 71:1-11

A creeping realization becomes an over-powering reality!  At first it is easily denied—just a silly, unreal shadow!  Little by little the shadow’s reality dominates you.  At some point you begin confessing to yourself, “I will never do that again!”  Quickly your aging crisis becomes a faith crisis.  “Did I trust God or my ability?  What could I possibly do for God now?  Why did God relate to me—because of my deeds or dedication?”

The psalmist acknowledged the inescapable vulnerability that age brought.  Protection only resulted from divine deliverance from enemies he no longer could battle AND rescue from personal dilemmas.  His burning question: “What happens to me now?”

In a manner that has never happened before and a context that has never existed before, he must trust God.  Now that he does not physically fight for God, God must defend him in new ways.  In his helplessness (produced by age) God must be his rock of refuge, his rescuer from the wicked, and his hope.

God served in all those roles previously, but the psalmist has never felt so helpless and vulnerable—afraid yes, powerless no! Yet, he knew God always was there for him!

He knew the example he had been, but he also knew God empowered his past actions and words.  All credit belonged to God.  His question: “What can I do for God now?”  Since he could not physically do what he did, he felt vulnerable.

The truth: God did not cause his terror; his enemies did!

Is your physical weakness the reason you to feel abandoned?

May 30, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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