Evil Seemed So Powerful

Psalm 64

In this physical world the “ascendancy of right” is seen in mirrors reflecting the past.  When we examine what we have “heard” about the past, many good people decide the past was composed of wonderful ages that championed ’right’--valued by the majority of people. 

Therefore ‘right’ quickly and decisively triumphed over ‘evil.’  Miscarriages of justice and wicked triumphs did not occur.  There was no slavery of any kind, no abuse, no injustices, no triumph of evil, no exploitation, no deceit, no scams, no violence, no murder, no hardships caused by evil acts—only peace and good will.  Excuse me, but when and where was that?

This psalm does not reflect a marvelous time for righteous Israelites.  Evil people were in control.  The psalmist cried to God for protection.  Evil people plotted and destroyed with words as they ambushed the innocent.  These evil doers were effective, cunning, and consumed by their confidence.

Note the appeal is not to the godly but to God.  All confidence was in what God could do.  Only He could deliver the righteous from the wicked.

Only God could use the tongues of the evil to ruin the evil.  Only He could replace the fear of the evil with confidence in God.  Only He could replace people’s terror of the evil with a fearful respect for God.  Only He could cause people to realize that God was (is) more amazing than evil people.

What would be the result?  The godly finally would know joy and protection.  Praise would rise from those who did right.

Does your daily life honor right doing or evil plans?

March 6, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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