The Wonderful Blessing of "Seeing"

Psalm 65

What we “see” commonly determines what we “grasp.”  We often document personal comprehension by saying, “I see what you are saying!” Those who comprehend God’s activity often respond by saying, “I see it!”  Thus “seeing” is often a “declaration” of comprehension.

The psalmist’s eyes were filled with God.  His vision was not fixed on Israel’s overwhelming sinfulness, but on God’s forgiveness.  Despite Israel’s unworthiness, God answered prayers, provided forgiveness, and gave them unimaginable joy through approaching Him.

God faithfully provided answers to their prayers and was the source of hope everywhere in all situations.  All things were subject to Him!  That included the powerful mountains, the raging oceans, and shouting nations!  God was (is) everywhere the sun touched the earth.  He was (is) God of the world, not just Israel.

Consider Israel’s food.  God made the fertile earth rich.  He watered it as He soaked the plowed ground.  He softened that plowed ground with showers, provided abundant crops, and gave bountiful harvests.  At the same time He provided lush wilderness grasslands for pasture and radiant hillsides filled with blooming flowers.

Sheep in meadows and the valleys of grain testified to God’s wonder!  Everything shouted to God in joyful praise!

In contrast to the psalm we live surrounded by our successes.  We constantly picture “what we could do.”  Always the answer to the failures we see is human success.  Amazingly, we look at the desirable and see only the power of what humans could do.  However, when we view the undesirable, we see God’s failure.

Nothing blinds us to human misery as does depending only on ourselves.

March 7, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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