The God of Greatness

Psalm 29

How huge is God?  Typically, humans prefer to see God as smaller than they are.  We think God is the manipulated, and we are the manipulators.  In declaration, we prefer to say that God is greater than we are.  Yet, when it comes to relying, we prefer to rely on humanity.  Only on those occasions when we ďhit our immovable brick wallĒ do we cry for Godís help.

On occasions, when a human has an honest glimpse of Godís vastness, how does he/she describe that vastness?  To what can Godís vastness be compared?  To what created ďthingĒ can the creator God be compared?  Whatever comparison we humans use will be regarded as laughable in future generations.  Whatever is mysteriously huge now will be ďho-humĒ boring in future generations.

To be appropriately moved by Davidís comparisons, we must return to Davidís time.

He began by declaring God was worthy of our highest honor.  He started by using sounds.  God is bigger than the unending roar of the ocean, or the thunder that can be heard above the noise of the ocean. 

Godís voice can shatter the huge cedars of Lebanon.  God could make mountains skip and leap.  He can shake anything anywhere!  Those who see His might honor Him in His Temple!

Nothing is beyond Godís touch!  He is bigger than anything we experience!  Only He is the source of human strength.  His objective is peace, not mere control.

Oneís view of God is basically determined by oneís understanding of Godís objective.  Godís greatness is defined by His objective.  The objective of Godís power is peace, not conquest.

December 12, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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