God, My ONLY Defense

Psalm 28

There is no plan B.  Plan B does not exist and cannot exist.  One “all-or-nothing” plan exists.  Its existence is our continuing reality.  A “fall-back” plan never existed.

People are not accustomed to this type of thinking.  People are commonly certain that always there is more than one way to do anything.  On rare situations when one approach, one option exists, the fact that only one direction exists is regarded as impossibly confusing.

This psalm began with the awareness that there is no plan A and plan B.  God was (is) the only option.  If God is uninterested in the human condition, humans have nowhere else to turn.

The problem: the human wicked existed, but the human righteous were too much like the human wicked.  The situation confused David.  Was God also confused by the actions of rebellious humans? 

The wicked deserved punishment!  They deserved retribution! They should experience the bitterness of deception!  They should receive an irreversible destruction!

However, I praise God for hearing my plea for mercy!  He distinguishes!  He is absolutely trustworthy!  His protection is my unending joy!  He is the righteous’ security in ungodly times!  Save us, bless us, lead us, and carry us constantly—even in troubling times!

The issue is as old as the human need for confidence in God.  The issue is NOT where is God when everything is going as we humans wish.  The issue: where is God when little goes as the righteous desire?  When troublesome experiences defy control, does God care?

Is the problem found in God or us?  Do we need human wishes or God’s guidance?

November 19, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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