God Deserves My Praise!

Psalm 30

How do those who know they depend on God praise Him as He deserves to be praised?  How can we get out of the way long enough to see Him?  How can we honor Him?  When do we see Him instead of our wants?  When do we feel the honor of being in His presence instead of trying to exploit His power?

For David the key attitude was that of rescue.  He knew where he had been!  He understood how close to dying he was!  He realized his past helplessness!  Death was too close!  His experience granted him insights into God’s worthiness.

When all was again fine, he forgot what God did for him.  He became extremely arrogant.  God’s past help when he was troubled was not even a memory.

Then troubled times returned with a vengeance!

In his second brokenness he realized what he had done, but he could not “fix” himself or his situation.  Humbly, he returned to the Lord.  The Lord again responded to his crying pleas.  The Lord again turned David’s life around!

Now he endlessly praised God!  With heartfelt joy he praised God!  There was nothing perfunctory about this turnaround!  Never would his gratitude cease flowing!

Who cannot say, “Been there, done that.”  The person who knows how to praise God from his depths is the person (1) who failed beyond personal denial, (2) who cried for a second chance, and (3) who never forgets how God listened and helped.

This is the person who possesses the unending worship of dependence.  For this person, worship is ever a privilege, never a responsibility.

December 13, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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