God, You Turn My World Around (Part 1)

Psalm 31:1-13

Few experiences equal the realization of our weakness.  Remember when you felt “on top of the world?”  Filled with exuberance and confidence, you could recover from anything!  Sure, troubles existed, but your confidence could handle anything!  Nothing could keep you down!

Then one day you COULD NOT “bounce back.”  Things had changed, and you knew it.  In your inner self you knew it!  Suddenly “bounce back” was a phrase stricken from your vocabulary!

David knew that feeling!  Once he was on top of the world.  Now his world only had a bottom—he knew it quite well.  There was only one place to turn—to God!  Only He cared about what happened to David.  Only He could respond to David.  Only He could make David secure again.

Idols were not the answer! Idols did not have personal concern, or show interest by noting existing troubles, or care about anguished souls.  Only God protects from enemies by placing one in a safe place.

David was in a terrible condition.  Tears blurred his vision, his person withered, grief shortened his life, and no one wanted to be around him.  No one considered him useful; all conspired against him.  No one was worthy of his trust!  No one saw any value in his life!

What a description of utter loneliness!  Everyone he knew regarded him to be useless!  Yet, he knew God could see usefulness where people see none.

Horrible circumstances do not blind God!  David trusted in the only One who could see beyond the horror of his circumstances.  God could see beyond David’s physical worth!

David Chadwell
June 8, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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