Transforming Christianity Into A "Me" Religion

We live in a society and a nation that encourages us to think about self.  We tend to think possessively about everything—my house, car, family, church, etc.  We do it so commonly we do not even think about it.  Then we develop the you owe me mentality.  Everything is about what I like.  Flexibility is about your acts—I deserve; you be flexible.  My bad choices are your fault—we personally are never to blame.  For a long time, a major advertising thrust has been, You are worth it, or, You deserve it.  In numerous ways we are encouraged to think of self primarily.

It is no wonder that increasingly in this society spirituality becomes more and more about me and less and less about God. Paul presented Romans in two major sections: (1) a theological section [1-11] and (2) an application section [12-15]. He began the application section with this injunction: “Do not be conformed to this world . . .” Or, ”If you believe what God did, you become this person.”

Our society and culture do not decide who we are or how we act.

When Peter wrote to suffering Christians, he did not write about the injustice of the situation.  He asked them to see themselves as aliens and strangers—they did not belong to this world (1 Peter 2:11).  It was Jesus who declared that greatness before God was found in serving others (Matthew 20:27).

Do not make salvation, forgiveness, sanctification, and heaven all about me, What I deserve, or How important we are.  Express appreciation for your blessings—serve others!

David Chadwell
May 30, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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