God, You Turn My World Around (Part 2)

Psalm 31:14-24

Confidence came out of hopelessness!  Not “me” confidence, but “God” confidence!  Not a “what have I got to lose” confidence, but confidence in the certain.  This is the confidence that arises from seeing the ignored, a confidence that arises from finally noting the obvious, and a confidence from acknowledging the evident.

David had every reason to remember.  God was his God before.  God did not leave him—he left God.  David had reason to trust!  He knew from experience what God could do!  David was not deliberately anti-God, just selfishly forgetful.

Here David was inexcusably forgetful, but he was not deliberately rebellious.  He had restored his correct priorities, but he knew his forgetfulness was inexcusable.  He did not exhibit an arrogant “you owe me” attitude toward God.  Instead, he knew he could not justify his behavior—he did not even try!

Instead He praised God.  This was not an attempt at veiled manipulation, but the confession of his awareness.  He was profoundly impressed with God’s goodness and ability to shelter His people.  A common human reaction to failure like his would evoke a response of quick rejection.

God’s reactions were so different from typical human reactions!  God helped when people pouted!  God was truly the Origin of additional opportunities! 

Love of God was (is) the ultimate human expression of divine respectfulness!  An enduring arrogant attitude is the height of evil!  It took (still takes) strength and courage to place hope in God.  It was (is) weakness to place hope in self.

A major inhibitor of praise for God is an exaggerated respect for self.

David Chadwell
June 9, 2012  *  Fort Smith, AR

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