Christian Growth Series
Study Guide
by David W. Chadwell

      David Chadwell wrote this series of lessons in Cameroon, West Africa, in the early 1970s. Randy Green recently reprinted the lessons for use in a mission's outreach. Each lesson is quite simple. By design, the lessons were to be used by Christians in new congregations in that third world context. Some of those Christians could not read or write. Though Randy edited each lesson, occasionally words appear that were commonly used in Cameroon in the 1970s. Permission is granted for replacing any words with words that are more familiar in a current context of use before you reproduce and distribute these lessons for study purposes. (This is a modification of West-Ark's usual copyright notice.)

      The three introductory foundation lessons were recently added as preface lessons for the study. The original lessons were for students who were recently converted to Christ. David Chadwell wants those who study the lessons to understand that salvation through the crucified, resurrected Jesus is God's gift. Christians do not earn salvation. The lessons must not be studied as if they are an attempt to earn salvation. In Christ, the Christian learns to be a different person because he or she appreciates God's gift of salvation.

Foundation Lesson A God's Mercy Makes Salvation Possible

Foundation Lesson B God's Grace Sustains Salvation

Foundation Lesson C A Christian Wants to Be Jesus' Disciple

Lesson 1 Being a Christian Means I Am Saved

Lesson 2 Being a Christian Means I Belong to God

Lesson 3 Being a Christian Means I Have a New Life

Lesson 4 Being a Christian Means I Have a New Happiness

Lesson 5 Proper Worship

Lesson 6 Worshipping Through Prayer

Lesson 7 Worshipping Through Song

Lesson 8 Worshipping Through Teaching

Lesson 9 Worshipping Through the Lord's Supper

Lesson 10 Worshipping Through Giving

Lesson 11 Worshipping in My Home

Lesson 12 The Importance of Bible Study

Lesson 13 How Can I Study the Bible?

Lesson 14 Being Like Christ

Lesson 15 Christian Husbands

Lesson 16 Christian Wives

Lesson 17 Christian Parents

Lesson 18 Christian Citizens

Lesson 19 The Christian Laborer

Lesson 20 The Christian in the World

Lesson 21 The Christian and His Enemies

Lesson 22 The Christian and His Speech

Lesson 23 The Christian's Body

Lesson 24 Being like God

Lesson 25 Good Works

Lesson 26 What Is the Church?

Lesson 27 You and Your Congregation

Lesson 28 What Is Sin?

Lesson 29 How Does Sin Develop?

Lesson 30 Can a Christian Sin?

Lesson 31 How Can I Overcome Sin?

Lesson 32 My Responsibility to My Christian Brothers and Sisters

Lesson 33 The Importance of Spiritual Growth

Lesson 34 Is the Christian Life Easy?

Lesson 35 The Judgment

Lesson 36 Hell

Lesson 37 Heaven


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