Exalting Christ is not in typical book format. Each of its twelve chapters are in full sentence outline rather than in paragraphs. The book's format reflects the unusual circumstances that produced it.

For years J.C. and Betty Choate were missionaries to India. In the late 1980's their children were students at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi. On occasion, they visited their children, worshipped with the Oxford congregation, and heard some of my lessons. He asked permission to publish some lessons for use in India. As a result, he printed 2000 copies of Exalting Christ in India in 1992.

The lessons focus on Jesus Christ. Included are lessons on Jesus as our Passover, baptism as the sign of our covenant with God, Jesus as our mediator, and the relationship between loving God and loving people.

I apologize for not transforming the full sentence outline format to a paragraph format. Hopefully, the information can be useful.

My special thanks to Christy Hesslen for transcribing the book and to Patti Anderson for hours of proof reading. Their willing help made it possible to place Exalting Christ on the Web site of the West-Ark Church of Christ.

5 March 2001, David Chadwell
Table of Contents Chapter One

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