Useful to God (Part 2)
Study Guide
prepared by David W. Chadwell


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Important Note To Students And Teachers

Lesson 1 Zacharias, The Troubled

Lesson 2 Mary: “If That Is What You Want”

Lesson 3 Joseph: “What Will I Do About This?”

Lesson 4 Peter: The Man Who Knew

Lesson 5 Peter: When Courage Becomes Exaggerated Confidence

Lesson 6 Peter: “I’m Not Capable Of That!”

Lesson 7 John: The Man Who Wished to Rain Fire

Lesson 8 Barnabas: The Rescuer

Lesson 9 John Mark: The Man Who Quit

Lesson 10 Demas: The Wrong Direction

Lesson 11 The Discouraged: “I Did Not Expect It to Go That Way!”

Lesson 12 Behavior Rather Than “Correct” Ritual

Lesson 13 God’s Objective In Christians

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