"Snippets" from David

Snippets was originally created as a web blog.  It provides a format for David to write without constraints on length or topic.   For more, go to Snippets from David

Chronological Order

The Ultimate Generation Gap (5/19/05)
Me Assuming Responsibility for Me (5/24/05)
Selfishness: A Cancer of Human Attitudes and Emotions (5/26/05)
Why Him? (6/1/05)
An Interesting Commentary on Worship (8/7/06)
A New Direction (8/14/06)
Experience As A Teacher (8/27/06)
Ancient Teamwork (9/2/06)
Appreciation and Dependence (9/7/06)
Rejoice Before The Lord (9/12/06)
With God, Tragedy Can Become Opportunity  (9/18/06)
Seeing the Obvious (9/26/06)
The Lord of Rules and Regulations (10/3/06)
Joy Turned to Sorrow (10/10/06)
Someone Had to Be the First (10/19/06)
When Godly Influence Dies (10/24/06)
When God Does Not Matter (10/30/06)
How Bad Can It Get? (Part 1) (11/9/06)
How Bad Can It Get? (Part 2) (11/9/06)
Boldness and Evil (11/16/06)
When Appearances Are Deceiving (11/29/06)
When Evil Builds on Evil, Evil Digs a Deep Pit (11/30/06)
Using God and Destroying Ourselves (12/5/06)
Part of Our Problem (12/12/06)
Count the Cost of Your Solutions (1/2/07)
Potential and Choice (1/16/07)
When People Disappoint Us (1/31/07)
Devoted Friends Can Come From Strange Places (2/6/07)
"Lord, Why Cite That Incident ?" (2/20/07)
"Lord, You Would Not Ask Me to Do That -- Would You?" (3/8/07)
When People You Help Turn Against You (3/15/07)
One Good Turn Deserves ... Disappointment (3/28/07)
When You Let Your Anger Think For You (4/2/07)
When Life Simply Becomes Too Much! (4/18/07)
For the Good of All (4/24/07)
The Measure of A Man (5/15/07)
Vengeance and Wisdom (5/23/07)