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Seeing the Obvious

War was inevitable!  The invading force was camped just across the river.  Jericho was in major danger!  Two Israelite spies were sent on a reconnaissance mission to Jericho and the surrounding area.  They were to stay in Rahabís home.  She was a prostitute.

By some means the king of the city learned the men were coming that day, and they were to stay in Rahabís home.  When the king tried to find and arrest the men, Rahab hid them on her roof among bundles of flax.  She told the messengers who came to arrest the men that the men had been there, but they left before the city gates closed at nightfall.  She suggested they be pursued toward the place of crossing on the Jordan River.

Before the men could go to sleep, she went to them and said, ďEveryone knows your people cannot be defeated because God is with you.  Just swear to me that you will deal kindly with me and my family when Jericho falls to your people.Ē

This was the arrangement: (1) you are to tie this red rope in your window.  (2) Everyone in your house will be spared when we defeat the city.  (3) We are not responsible for what happens to anyone who leaves your house when we come.  (4) Nor will you make public our agreement.

With that agreement, the men escaped that night by using the red rope that later would save Rahabís life.  That very night, Rahab tied the red rope in her window.

A prostitute saw the obvious.  Her behavior was determined by the obvious.  The obvious caused her to confess and to seek an assurance.  The obvious was seen in spite of her city, in spite of the seeming security of the defense wall and city gates, in spite of her friends and cliental, and in spite of the people she always had known and lived among. 

Admitting the obvious had some definite consequences involving things that had not happened before, at least not in her lifetime.  It meant a lot of people she knew would die.  But the obvious also had opportunity.  It had the opportunity of extending her familyís lives.  It also had the unknown opportunity of her being an ancestor of Jesus Christ (Joshua 6:22-25; Matthew l:5).  Because she had the faith and courage to see the obvious, she was part of the greatest plan God ever devised!

Because she had faith, she found courage.  Because she had courage, she let risk become action.  Because she took the risk of action, she became a part of Godís plan in sending Jesus Christ.  She achieved notable redirection of her life because she dared see the obvious, and let the obvious determine her behavior.

Do you allow yourself to see the obvious?  Do you allow the obvious to determine your behavior?  Does your faith in Godís work give you the courage to surrender to God rather than to people?

Following God may have consequences in the now but rewards in eternity.

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