Understand Who God Is

Psalm 99

All people tend to become very possessive.  They may begin as quite generous, but with the passing of time, their descendents become increasingly self-centered. As generations die, the emphases change.  As situations change, the tendency is to become increasingly self-focused.  As the “whys” of the past are forgotten, past standards are seen as irrelevant to present situations.  The pragmatic justification for every action is simply, “Will it work?”  “Is it right?” seems lost in the mist of long past ages.

Lost to the present awareness is the relevance of God.  Lost are God’s objectives.

Psalm 99 declared God’s objectives were permanent.  As far as earthly considerations were concerned, Jerusalem was the location of His earthly manifestation.  However, His presence should cause international trembling worldwide.  His holiness should be overwhelming!

The focus of His concern was puzzling.  He was devoted to justice, fairness, and righteousness—not intoxicated by power over the “insignificant.”   Though He was mightier than any human, all He sought was rightful recognition, not exploitation.

He was not the “latest religious fad” or the current “religious emphasis.”  He was the God known by generations previously--Moses, Aaron, and Samuel.  This was before the Israelite nation had a territory or completely subdued that territory.  He was Israel’s Guide and Helper in generations past.  His focus had not changed.

He forgave Israel repeatedly—unless their defiance became a faithless rejection!

Learn from the past!  Exalt Him!  Worship Him in Jerusalem!  Appreciate His holiness!  Give Him the honor that is His alone!

A problem in every generation: recognizing God’s continuing importance.  Changing earthly situations do not alter divine priorities.

December 8, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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