God--The One Who Deserves

Psalm 98

Godís distinctiveness in comparison to idols was profound.  Idolatry exploited.  God blessed.  With humans, power often exploits by encouraging forgetfulness.   Nothing deceives like being intoxicated by your perceived importance.

However God is not like a human.  In His greatness, He remembers.  Instead of exploiting, He blesses.  He has nothing to proveóa sense of self-importance never blinds Him to our praise.  He hears the gratitude of the insignificant.

Psalm 98 declared that truth.  The wonderful deeds of God could not be denied!  His accomplishments were obvious worldwide!  Yet, He never forgot His promise to Israel of His loving faithfulness.

The result: the world (not just Israel) should joyfully sing praise to God.  In every way possible, the world should make a joyful symphony to the Lord.  Let the whole creation praise, gleefully clap, and joyfully sing in honor of the Creator.

Why?  He was coming to pronounce an earth-wide judgment.  This judgment would include all nations.  It would not be based on human favoritism, or wealth, or position, or prestige.  It would be based on justice and fairness.

The poor and those without position would be as significant as the powerful and the prestigious.  This judgment would not be based on earthly status, but on relationship with God.

This great judgment of God was an unknown equalizer in a world where prestige was based on status, wealth, position, or power.  The poor were powerless.  Slavery, exploitation, and victimization were common.  Justice was rare and only for the privileged. 

However Godís judgment would be based on something unheard of, non-existentófairness.

Does your fairness represent God accurately?

October 29, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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