Seeing the Obvious Blesses; Ignoring the Obvious Curses

Psalms 95

Each person who pursues God at some point asks, “Who is God?  Is He someone I should hear constantly?  Or hear only when I find it convenient?  Or ignore altogether?  What did He do for me?  Will ignoring Him make any difference? 

Is it just a matter of being cautious, or is there real reason for me honoring God?  Does He deserve my devotion, or is it just a matter of me doing the “safe” thing?  Did God ever do anything to benefit me?

Psalm 95 spoke in two parts.

The first part saw God for who He obviously was—the benevolent Creator.  Note this fact: the Creator God was the source of blessing and joy.  He was not (is not) the source of terror to the one who accurately saw Him for what He was.  God was the foundation of benefit!

As the Creator God, He had (has) no rivals.  He holds in His hands earth’s depths and peaks.  He made sea and land.  He deserved Israel’s adoration!  He took care of them!

In the second part, the psalmist said that they must not be like the rescued Israelites at Meribah or Massah.  They doubted God because they were thirsty!  In spite of all God did to deliver them, they inwardly turned against God.  They made Him the angry God who rejected them as complainers.  These died before Israel experienced Canaan’s deliverance from the desert.

These people never experienced God’s blessing.  Their distrust so angered God that He abandoned them.

Do you honor or question God? Should He be praised or appeased?

October 15, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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