Enduring Injustice in a Society Controlled by Injustice, Pt. 2

Psalms 94:12-23

God assumed the role of vengeance in this psalm.  To be and live as a righteous person inside a society controlled by injustice is demanding.  This demanding commitment increases as injustice increases.  Injustice is increasingly hard for the righteous to tolerate as injustice increases in effectiveness and visibility.

The psalmist wrote, “God, visibly judge the injustice that surrounds us.  May the God of vengeance beam His glorious justice.  Give the pridefully unjust exactly what they deserve!”

“What are you waiting for?  The wicked just gloat in their arrogance!  They are so confident in their evil acts!  They delight in humiliating righteous people!”

The psalmist continued.  These people hurt the people devoted to You.  They kill (murder) the helpless in their confidence that ignorant You does not care.

God, are You deaf and blind to their acts?  (I know You are not.)  God is not deaf or blind to unjust acts.  When the unjust are confident they will get away with their ungodly acts, they are the fool!  God knows everything!  He knows how worthless all they are has become!

Rarely do people understand how complex it is (a) to punish the evil and (b) bless the righteous at the same time.  Temporary relief is not permanent vindication.  As Jesus once indicated destroying the evil can uproot the righteous (Matthew 13:29, 30).  Those who invest life in defying God and His principles will not escape God’s punishment, but not at the price of destroying the righteous.

Things that seem simple in moments of unjust suffering are much more complex than merely eliminating the suffering.

October 14, 2014  *  Fort Smith, AR

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