Have You Considered God Lately?

Psalm 76

We are impressed by “bigness” (as in undeniably dominant).  That is unless the “big” threatens us.  To us a friendly “big” (1) prefers us, (2) dominates our enemies, and (3) is under our control.  Our friendly “big” should impress our enemies as well as friends.  Thus, we are totally confused when our “big” (1) genuinely cares about everyone, (2) does not prefer us, and (3) does not function by intimidating those we wish to intimidate.

Israel understood—as no other people—that God was genuinely huge.  No earthly opponent could stand against Him!  Human military assaults against Him or His desires were useless!

God was “bigger” and more formidable than the biggest thing they knew—the “always there” mountains.  God was “bigger” than the boldest enemies and the best-equipped fighters.  God’s breath was stronger than their military ability and cutting-edge war machines.

When the most destructive power available to a people was ineffective and useless, those people were terrified.  God’s anger terrified His opponents!  God decided in His unreachable dominion, and the earth silently trembled.

“God, judge those who are evil!  God, rescue the earth’s oppressed!  Use as Your weapon their useless human defiance!”

The psalmist then redirected his adoration of God to an admonition to Israelites.  “Make promises to God and keep them.  Honor God through the gifts you give to Him!”

“The humans exercising power do well to fear God!”

All we humans do well to remember God’s position.  No matter how important we consider ourselves, we are not equal to God.  Familiarity with God never means equality with or superiority to God.

August 5, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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