Psalm 70

Today people commonly seek relief from personal distress by placing blame.  If we can say with personal confidence that our undesirable experience is someone elseís fault, we feel relieved of responsibility.  The number one being that we commonly blame is God. If we can say with confidence and conviction that our undesirable situation is Godís fault, we personally feel relieved of responsibility. 

The psalmistís view was quite different!

His predicament confused him!  He wanted Godís help NOW!  His disastrous situation was filled with immediate consequences!

His enemies distressed him!  Some wanted to kill him promptly in a humiliating, shameful manner.  Others found personal joy in observing his turmoil.  Whatever his distress, the psalmist wanted his enemies to suffer severely for their insensitivity.

The psalmistís attitude was totally different toward those who belonged to God.  He wanted nothing for them but joy and gladness.  He wanted them to have specific reason to declare Godís greatness.

His attitude toward himself was different.  He knew he was poor and needy.  He knew himself.  He knew he needed Godís help immediately.  The delay of Godís intervention was not an option.

However Godís identity and Godís timetable for intervention were not the same matter!

The psalmistís attitude was strikingly different from the attitude of todayís Christian.  He made a distinct separation between three types of people: (1) enemies, (2) the righteous, and (3) himself.  Enemies opposed Godís values and purposes.  The righteous genuinely honored God.  Personally he championed Godís objectives, he honored Godís values, but he accurately knew himself.

One thing was clear to him: he needed Godís immediate action!

May 29, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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