Psalm 69:19-36

Humans tend to be excessive.  They find pleasure in administering injustice to the defeated.  It is as though the humiliated deserve anguish and pain.  Consider how human injustice affected the psalmist.  Especially note the difference he observed between the actions of God and humans.  (Never blame God for human injustice!)

“I know and acknowledge my failures!  I also know what my enemies did to me!  Their insults broke my heart.  They gave me no pity, no comfort.  They purposefully and knowingly intensified my suffering!

“Blind them and make them constantly afraid!  Consume them with Your fury and anger!  Your punishment of me was just!  Their injurious hurts were uncalled for and needless!  Therefore stack their sins, remember all they did, and never consider them righteous!

“God, rescue me!  Accept my singing and praise!  My tribute to You goes beyond mere sacrifice.  The humble rejoice in Your works.  They find their encouragement in You.  I know You are not ashamed even of the needy and imprisoned.

“May the whole Creation praise You.  Jerusalem’s God will achieve His intensions!  He will bless His people with peace and prosperity in their own land.  Their descendents will inherit a land of safety.”

When God administers punishment to those who do evil, He does not need our help!  What he does is just!  What we do is excessive and unjust!

Never forget that Satan delights in encouraging the administration of unjust sufferings!  He delights in causing the righteous to suffer!

Human justice is filled with ungodly feelings that rarely satisfy the desires of human vengeance.

May 8, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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