Where Do You Look For Rewards?

Psalm 52

David is said to have authored this psalm.  It was inspired by Doegís cunning. He increased Davidís grief at a critical moment in Davidís life.  The psalmist used people like Doeg to stand in contrast to those who honored God.

Evil warriors bragged about the accomplishments of their momentary crimes as they failed to realize Godís enduring justice.  Evil warriors spent their time planning destruction and developing deception.  Deception was the ultimate success!  To destroy with words was phenomenal!  Never did they consider God or His ability.

The righteous laughed at the thinking of those who disregarded God.  They understood the consequences of disregarding God. They knew trusting wealth and growing bold in wickedness produced disasteróno matter how physically strong the wicked warriors were!

The psalmist saw himself as a long-living olive tree thriving in Godís presence and love.  Rather than ignoring God (as did Doeg), he continually praised God.  What God had done increased his trust in God and those who honored God.

Consider two basic views of human life generally held by the majority of Americans.  (1) Life consists only of what is done and achieved in the period between physical birth and death.  Physical death ends life completely for every individual.  (2) Life extends beyond physical death.  For all individuals, life consists of all that is experienced after birth.  However what happens in the period that follows physical death cannot be altered once physical death occurs.  One of these views of life determines how the majority of Americans act and live.

This psalmist understood the personís life view matters!

February 08, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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