Situations Change, But This World Does Not

Psalm 12

Life circumstances in our world change, but human existence stays the same.  A longstanding truth: As godly people diminish, humanity’s treatment of other’s becomes deplorable.  As “things” increase in value, “people” decrease in value.

In every society where people are valued above lifestyle, society advances.  When a society values material possessions above people, it declines until it collapses.  Any society—regardless of when it existed or what it accomplished—vanishes when it values “things,” “privileges,” and “status” above people.

Psalm 12 deplored the disappearance of people whose values extolled the worth of persons.  Lying, flattering words, deceitful motives, and boastful speech replaced the value of individuals.  The value of individuals depended on their material productivity.

To make the situation worse, those who used perverse speech to exploit others knew what they were doing.  Their exploitation of others knew no fear or limits.  They were accountable to no one!

Yet, God was aware!  The psalmist placed his hope in God’s awareness.  The actions of the wicked would not and could not prevent God’s retribution—no matter what the wicked concluded. 

Let the overconfident wicked strut!  Their arrogance proved nothing!

To the “godly minority” it felt as though the wicked were “winning.”   It is easy for the “godly minority” to despair.  Note the following.  (1) It was a longstanding situation.  (2) The suffering righteous groaned.  (3) The wicked did not fear a “divine retribution.”  (4) Evil prevailed everywhere.  (5) The wicked were confident permanent control was theirs. 

Righteousness did not depend on a role reversal, but on God!  “If I had control . . .”   You would do what?

January 22, 2013  *  Fort Smith, AR

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